Thursday, February 14, 2019

Very pretty Lebanon escort girls, with a very thin and seductive body

I recently visited Lebanon to see my relatives who live on the east coast. Especially in Lebanon. It is a very beautiful city and its beaches are incredible During one of my many days in the place, I wanted to meet a Lebanon Escort girl, you know what I want to say and I did not want to hit too much, that's why I went to a house where I met a girl Very pretty, with a very thin and seductive body, it was called Jenny (I leave the link in case you want to see and book).

The truth is that I entered the site and spoke with the manager telling him what I was looking for that appointment. They made me go to one of the rooms and there I was introduced to Jenny a wonderful Escort Lebanon his appearance had already dazzled me and made me think that I would have fun during the next hour. While she went into the room I was taking a shower she grabbed my neck gently and we went back to the shower together.

There we caress ourselves with passion, a lot of passion to dry up in a sexy way and to lie down to continue being so sensual and erotic. We did not give ourselves so many kisses to tell the truth, because she did not like it very much, and so I began to touch her face and lips, her moans drove me crazy and excited me even more. I started with her ear, then her nipples, and I ended up between her most sexual and intimate organ, staying in all her erogenous folds, I wanted to have fun, but she also liked.

Before he finished, he offered me his ass and from there the real passion began, until I reached the nirvana of pleasure. My experience with her was great, and I think that when I see my relatives again, I will come back for her.
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